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Hradná 338
033 01 Liptovský Hrádok
Mobil: +421 905 523 098
e-mail: comtes@comtes.sk

Welcome on the new COMTES site. Finally we got the new web site working. We hope you will find some interensting and useful information here. In such case do not hesitate to contact us at comtes@comtes.sk. Let's do business!

Automatic Notyfing System
At the turn of the years 2002 and 2003 we developed a new device called automatic notifying system. The system was meant to notify the fire brigade related to great chemical plant - NEUSIEDLER SCP Ruµomberok - in critical situations. This solution may cooperate with our Visual Recorder. You will find out more here >>

Taxi system
Another novelty is a solution faciliating the work of dispatching centers and operation controls during order placement. Dispatcher got all the informations about the customer displayed on the screen even before he picks up the phone. We can apply system to the existing database or we may create a new one. If necessary, an order can be recorded as using our other systems

While the enterprise is chiefly oriented towards computer telephony, we also work on database creating. Actually we work on big databases concerning local agricultural organisations.